Mammut Arva Barryvox Package, Unisex – Adult, multi-coloured/Europe Backpack, One Size

Mammut Arva Barryvox Package, Unisex – Adult, multi-coloured/Europe Backpack, One Size


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Product Description

Professional avalanche safety gear set by Mammut - ​the Barryvox Package​It is the Barryvox® that you already know: over 45 years of experience, produced and developed entirely in Switzerland, an item you can rely on unconditionally when it counts. The new Barryvox® generation adds some major enhancements in terms of usability and performance. However, the new Barryvox® is not just the device with one of the largest receiving bandwidths and one of the widest safely usable search strips on the market. Where the Mammut® avalanche transceiver really stands out is its intuitive operation. Because we realize: that it is only if you can operate your device almost with your eyes closed that you will actually manage to use it in an emergency. Top performance and simple operation can mean a critical time-saving. In particular under stress.

Powerful Search
If you measure an avalanche transceiver on its performance, there is one value that stands out: the search strip width. Larger, circular receiving bandwidths mean that buried transmitters are detected faster, search strips are wider, search paths over the avalanche deposit shorter and victims are found faster. With a search strip width of 70 meters (digital mode) and a reliably usable receiving bandwidth of up to 70 meters, the Barryvox® is an among the top devices worldwide.

Easy Handling
A high performance brings benefits only if the user can tap into it as simply as possible. Mammut, therefore, carried out a complete revision of the operation of the Barryvox®, from front to back. From an easy-to-read display to buttons that can be operated even wearing gloves, shock-proof and break-proof housing, intuitive acoustic search guidance and a revolutionarily simple visual interface, the Barryvox® shows that powerful performance does not need to be complicated. Because we know: only an avalanche transceiver that is easy to use will save lives in an em

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